What are the symptoms of insufficient testosterone levels in men and women?

The symptoms are much the same for both men and women:

A decrease in sex drive

Weak orgasm

Lack of energy

A decrease in strength, endurance

Lost height

Reduced enjoyment of life

Feeling sad or irritable

Declining sports ability

Falling asleep after dinner

Decreased work performance

//// Seeking treatment as soon as these signs and symptoms are detected can ensure early diagnosis and intervention. ////


Why is testosterone so important?

Testosterone plays a key role in health and wellness for men and women…

Offers mental clarity

Maintains muscle mass

Protects bone density with age

Increases energy

Provides cardiovascular protection

Regulates libido

Decreases fatigue

Protects the brain

While sex drive is often the most noticeable or undesirable side effect, driving patients to see a regenerative medicine doctor, the risks of low testosterone extend beyond libido to include cardiovascular, brain, and bone risks as well.

How is declining libido treated?

The first step in treatment is a comprehensive patient screening, including patient interview, review of signs and symptoms, medical history, physical examination, and blood tests. Once this is complete, Dr. Monaco can determine the underlying cause of the decline in libido. In some cases, the cause isn’t insufficient testosterone so much as it’s an overproduction of a competing hormone. Once the cause is known, a custom treatment plan is created with the goal of improving the patient’s libido and overall health and wellness.

Treatment may include dietary or lifestyle changes, the addition of natural supplements, or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. In most cases, ongoing monitoring of hormone levels is important in ensuring the condition is well managed and maintained.

How can sexual problems impact a patient’s life?

Sexual problems can dramatically impact a patient’s life. Declining testosterone levels can put a strain on intimate relationships, cause feelings of embarrassment and inadequacy, and deeply impact self-confidence. Dr. Monaco understands the deep impact hormone insufficiency can have on a patient’s life, as well as how difficult it can feel to share these intimate details with a doctor. He provides compassionate and empathetic treatment to patients suffering from problems with intimacy with one goal: to improve the patient’s quality of life in a safe and effective way.